Friendship : A True memories with Rajesh

A word Friend is relation which we select in our life. We find so many friends in our life but very few are the best true and good friends. Friend is an open book for you where you can see all yours good and bad time. A True friend always stands beyond you. The relation always needs something but the only friendship relation which not needs anything.

I always remember my one friend who always stand with me in my all the time whether its good or bad, His name is Rajesh, in my life I face very bad time where I don’t have money to eat stuff but that time his position was not that much good but he never back to help me, at that time I realize how much I need that friend in my life. I am always thankful to him for his kind co-operation in my life. I always feel that everyone needs at least one friend like him in lifetime. He is my strength to fight life’s entire situation.

Today is Friendship day and on this lovely day I remember all my friends from childhood to till day but from all among I thanks him.

It is not only a story but I need to tell you how a true friendship important in your life. So be a true friend. Its only relation which you set and with good trust you always build good friendship relation. Help your friends always.

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